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About LeadingKeys

Experienced In Delivering on Leadership to SMB's

HSCT Publishing is the parent company of both Leadership Toolbox and LeadingKeys, a remote, online, e-learning leadership training and development, SaaS-based LMS platform. 

HSCT Publishing, founded in 2013 by CEO Jesan Sorrells, has grown in prominence in the space of organizational training and development in the US. 

And now we’ve translated that 7+ years of experience with over 15,000 + managers and supervisors across multiple industry sectors into creating and launching actionable, e-learning leadership solutions for SMBs, via our SaaS-based platform, LeadingKeys.  

We work with organizations to provide leadership, culture, and talent development for managers and supervisors across all industries. 

We don’t do compliance training. We don’t do safety and regulatory training. We don’t make entry-level training and safety content.

We just do leadership.

That’s all we do. And we do it well. 

LeadingKeys is designed to guide and develop the culture of your organization through the practical application of e-learning content focused on the intersection of talent, culture, and leadership both now and in the future.

Remotely Delivered

LeadingKeys is video-first, remote leadership training. Smart. Lightweight. Effective.

Culturally Focused

Grows with your culture and team and helps them adapt to an ever changing learning environment.

Content On Demand

SCORM based, on-demand, video-first leadership training delivered to any device.

Community Driven

Designed to Increase engagement and productivity, reduce stress and ensure retention.
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