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What Is LeadingKeys?

We Innovate On People

Many e-learning organizations, leadership development firms, learning management software companies and even human resources technology start-ups will tell you they focus on developing everything–except the people you have working with you.

Managers and supervisors are your company's lifeblood. The middle managers and supervisors who work the closest with your entry-level and executive leaders are the most valuable resource in any small ad medium-sized business or organization.

How do we do it?

The LeadingKeys proprietary Leadership Learning Platform is different in a number of ways:

Content On Demand

SCORM based, on-demand, video-first leadership training delivered to any device.

Remotely Delivered

LeadingKeys is video-first, remote leadership training. Smart. Lightweight. Effective.

Community Driven

Designed to Increase engagement and productivity, reduce stress and ensure retention.

Culturally Focused

Grows with your culture and team and helps them adapt to an ever changing learning environment.

But technology is usually not enough.

There are a lot of learning management systems and platforms that serve the needs of managers and supervisors in SMBs and they all fail in three key areas that LeadingKeys excels at:

We Focus on SMB Manager and Supervisors

We specialize in creating, publishing, and distributing video-based content that will allow the growth of talent, culture, and leadership for small and medium-sized businesses nationwide.

We Focus on Practical Leadership Skills

We communicate the why and the how of intentional leadership practices and work with customers to ensure that intentional practices are reinforced repeatedly to become automatic behaviors.

We Focus on Building Relationships

“One-size-fits-all” approaches to leadership development don't work on any team, in any facility, or for any organization. We work to develop relationships with clients to develop individualized action plans, ensure that implementation works and that the value of digital training is ensured for the budget you spend.

LeadingKey’s overall mission is to develop your small and medium-sized managers and supervisors to grow in leadership, culture management, and people management both now and in the future.  

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